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Demand for MHM Automatic Screen Printing equipment

Since the beginning of 2021, SPSI has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for MHM printing machines. There a number of reasons for this, but the #1 reason is MHM with their pin registration system means that shops save huge amount of time in set up over traditional screen printing machines. We've listed a few more reasons below:

  1. SPSI has had a shorter delivery time than most of our competitors.
  2. MHM is a high quality well built machine and larger shops are making the investment in better equipment to minimize down time and presses going out of registration
  3. Automation Automation is the key to today's employment issues, so if you can automate your production - in the long run it will pay dividends.
  4. The addition of a CTS in many shops from Exile - Spyder, or the Douthitt CTS - Customers are able to image screens and set up on press with virtually no micro registration.
  5. Service - after the pandemic many of the manufacturers either moved into equipment for other fields and eliminated staff, and screen printers need to make sure they're going to receive support for their machine. SPSI has been in the screen printing business for 45+ years - we aren't going anywhere!


Don't believe us? Ask one of our MHM Owners if you should invest in an MHM Automatic.