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  • Special Effects Printing

    Special Effects Printing

    Special effects are a strange topic, and when I was asked to cover this subject I was a little lost for focus. This is mainly because its such a large broad area, we could argue that every time we decorate...

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    What you should know before buying a DTF printer.

    It’s the hottest thing in textile printing right now DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing. Since this is a fairly new process, there is a lot of conflicting information and it is hard to decipher what steps you should take. Before making the investment we...

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  • Are your colors right?

    Are your colors right?

    Color is always a big part of what we do as screen printers and having a conversation with our customers on color, can be tricky. Color is at the heart of what we do as reproduction artists. Correct color communication is...

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  • Printing on High-Visibility Garments - SPSI Inc.

    Printing on High-Visibility Garments

    The majority of high visibility vests are made from polyester so they can be direct printed, heat seal transferred or embroidered, meaning they are a perfect little item to include as an add on sale. The back of a hi-vis...

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  • discharge

    The Dark Art of Discharge Printing.

    The screen printing industry is in constant change and there are a multitude of ways to print onto t-shirts. It takes most of us long enough to master the art of pushing sticky plastisol ink through a mesh, and yet our customers...

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  • pinhole

    Life through a pinhole

    What specifically causes pinholing when printing on an underbase and how do you best avoid it?" Pinholing is a strange phenomenon, do we really know what causes it? The short answer is no. Let's take a look at what we...

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