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5 Perks of Financing with a Direct Lender

5 Perks of Financing with a Direct Lender

Choosing a lender can be overwhelming. There are a wide variety of finance options out there...with pros and cons to each. But, regardless of what type of financing you choose, there really aren't any cons to working with a direct lender.

If you polled our customers, here are some of the perks you'd hear about:

1. Direct lenders have more flexibility than banks.

We're lending you our own dollars and therefore have the freedom to choose who we lend to, at what terms, and for how much. Freedom equals flexibility.

"Why does flexibility matter?"

Great credit or bad credit, Geneva Capital can usually find terms that'll work for you. We've got the freedom to play with more or less money down, deferred or seasonal payment plans, low introductory payments, or even no money out of pocket. We're here to find a plan that works for every type of customer and nearly every situation.

2. We can finance all credit types.

"Even bad credit or start-ups?"

Yep. Because we make all the decisions about who we're lending to and don't have set criteria our customers have to meet, we have the ability to work finance all credit types...including financing for bad credit and start-ups! Our credit model isn't black and white. We look at the whole picture (including industry experience), and not just a credit score.

If your application comes across our table and has a few blemishes or you have little to no cash to put down, we still have great finance options available! We only lend to a handful of niche markets, so we know your equipment and are willing to take on a little bit more risk than less specialized lenders. That comfort level opens the door for a wider range of credit types to be approved.

If you're a start-up (under 2 years in business) and getting financing has proven challenging, we can often hop in when a big bank can't...or won't. Learn more about our start-up finance options!

3. Direct lenders are quicker.

"How can you move so fast?"

We don't have any hoops that we need to go through or strict regulations to follow. Our application and approval processes are simple and streamlined...often making it possible to get your equipment purchase funded same-day!

We understand that time is of the essence. You NEED this equipment to offer the products your customers are asking for. Speed and timing are crucial for you to stay in front of the competition. We're here for it.

4. You (and your info) stay with us.

"Will you sell off my lease down the road?"

Nope. We do everything in-house, which means your personal information never leaves these doors. There aren't any third parties involved and we won't ever sell your lease off. We're here for you - beginning to end.

5. Communication is key!

"Why does that matter?"

I think it's safe to assume that any time finances are involved, transparency, accessibility, and the ability to clearly communicate details and explain terms are crucial.

After your purchase is funded, you'll likely have to make contact with us from time to time throughout your term. Every time you call or email, you'll work directly with one of your dedicated team members. If your primary contact isn't available when you call, another member of our team can take a look at their notes to find an answer!

When you call, you'll speak to a real person, right away. When you email, you'll get a timely response.

BONUS: We can help you acquire working capital!


We offer working capital loans (up to $250,000!) for you to use on literally ANYTHING your business needs. Remodels, payroll, marketing, equipment, new locations, office name it. Once you're approved, the funds are yours to do as you please. All we ask in return is that you make consistent monthly payments. 

The bottom line.

Working with a direct lender is kind of like working with a small, hometown banker in the 50's. You know, the banker your grandpa talks about - where you could walk in and "Chuck" would greet you with a smile, ask about the kids, and approve your loan because he understood your situation and knew you were good for it (without relying solely on what you looked like on paper).

Just like Chuck, we're chock full of customer service, expertise, and the sentiment that you're more than just a number. We care about you and your business and we're dedicated to helping you get what you need to grow.

Give Geneva Capital a shot!
Author: Renee H, Geneva Capital

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