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At SPSI our entire company is a service department. It’s our global commitment to your satisfaction and success that sets us apart. In terms of a specific, hands-on, tools-on department, there’s none better than SPSI, because there are no better technicians than ours. Our team of certified professionals are trained and prepared to assist you any-where in the United States of America. From unexpected emergencies to scheduled maintenance, we are there for you with knowledgeable,thorough and professional solutions.

Service Department

Our technical service department is here to work with highly trained and certified professionals. Our technicians will provide the best equipment service and technical support in the industry.

Sales Professionals

Our Sales associates are backed by a dedicated organization with a common interest and commitment to helping our customers succeed.

or call 800-876-7774

Training / Seminars

SPSI is the industry leader in providing free seminars and training to their customers. Throughout the year we have classes from industry experts at our various offices. Currently we have no seminars scheduled but we are making plans for a busy fall and winter. Stay tuned! Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to be notified when our seminar dates are set.

Customer Service

We work hard to provide you with the highest in quality equipment and supplies. If you have a question or looking for a solution to one of your projects, we're here to help.

or call 800-876-7774

Screen Printing

Standing by. Never standing still. Whether you’re a one-person shop doing the work of three people, or a one thousand-person enterprise working three shifts, our attitude is exactly the same—precise solutions for you, delivered with precision. At SPSI, partnerships are real, collaboration is ongoing and “to serve amazingly” is the mantra inscribed above our offices and passionately high-fived daily.


DIGITAL Over the past decade or so, we’ve played an active part of the digital evolution. The traditional printers’ business model has been dramatically altered, and we’ve supported our clients through all of those ongoing changes. We’re on top of the techno-logical advancements and the direct-to-garment printing techniques of the modern digital landscape. Our staff strives to provide you with the solutions that will help you become more cost-efficient (more digits after dollar signs for you) and remain competitive in the ever-changing global market.


EMBROIDERY The humble stitch has held the world together for thousands of years. Now with the advancements in computer software and automation of equipment, embroidery in the midst of a renaissance. | As the industry becomes even more complex and intricate, we are there. SPSI provides supplies, equipment and service for embroidery businesses from entry-level to industrial. Our remarkable customer retention is a tribute to the experience, training and certifications of our technicians and all SPSI people.


GRAPHICS Our goal is to help you produce more jobs, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and graphically grow your business. | We do this by facilitating integration with your existing graphic workflow processes or completely redesigning your systems to support new and rapidly changing demands. Our graphic support team is your go-to solutions team on the wide ranging aspects of graphic imaging.

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